Rain on Earth Candle Limited Edition 200


The scent is magical and evocative, sending powerful messages to the head, heart and soul.

‘Rain on Earth’ is one of the latest scents from award winning perfume designer, Azzi Glasser, encapsulated both as a fragrance and in candles.
Azzi has re-created one of the most evocative scents on the planet, taking the molecular essence from nature for the first time. Each memory is different for every person depending on wherever they have experienced it in the world.
Smell is ephemeral, silent and invisible. It connects us to our subconscious, our memories and our dreams.
Rain on Earth is democratic – experienced by everyone, from every background, every age and from every country Rain on Earth is delirious and deadly – conjuring up images of monsoons, floods and torrential
Rain on Earth is delectable – romantic, erotic and intoxicating.

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