Azzi Glasser Portrait

Bespoke Atelier

Azzi’s approach to creating your own signature fragrance is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The finished product is a valuable treasure, that can pass your legacy on throughout generations to come.

Azzi Glasser is an award-winning perfume designer who specialises in creating ground-breaking fragrances for the world’s top fashion designers, beauty brands, Hollywood actors, musicians and artists. Azzis’ level of creativity brings a bespoke and unique quality to all her creations and she holds an iconic client portfolio like no other in the world including bespoke perfumes for movie stars such as 
Helena Bonham Carter, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Stephen Fry, Cindy Crawford and Johnny Depp.

Azzis’ unique approach to fragrance for both men and women is to capture the client’s character, personality and style, then create a personalised perfume incorporating handpicked rare ingredients from all around the world. The end result is a bespoke fragrance like no other, your unique fragrance DNA print.

The key to memories, forever evoking stories and sensual experiences, perfume should be unique to the individual who embraces it, the ultimate finishing touch, adored by others and totally loyal to the wearer.

Bespoke Fragrance Creation

A discreet and intensely personal experience, the bespoke atelier service takes place one-on-one with Azzi at her studio and is by private appointment only.

The final fragrance is presented in a beautiful personalised hand crafted luxury Perfume Vanity Case which encloses 4 giant flacons (150ml), personalised with the name and formula number of the unique perfume, with 10 travel sized bottles (30ml) of the same fragrance.

The bespoke atelier service starts from £15,000.

For enquiries email: [email protected]