The Perfumers’ Library Discovery Game vol.1


“Finding your fragrance DNA should be a magical journey of scent exploration – enjoyably guided, immersive, inspiring, and memorable. That is why I have created the first ever Perfume discovery set that is also a brilliant, scentsational, and fun game that everyone can play.”

The Perfumer’s Library Vol 1& 2 are two fragrance collections from The Perfumer’s Story range to help to discover your scented wardrobe.  Each set contains 6 of Azzi’s exquisite fragrances in 5ml Eau de Parfum mini sprays.  All The Perfumer’s Story fragrances are unisex, but the sets have been curated with Vol 1 as more feminine and Vol 2 as more masculine in perfume style, with each scent telling a story of character and personality.   Our sense of smell is one of our most instinctive senses and inspired to create a fun way to discover and explore perfume, the collection is also a game inviting you and guests to smell the fragrances and note on the blotter card book, which scent best suits the character of fellow guests.  Find out who knows who best, the Nose knows……

A booklet describing each perfume personality is included but it’s a game of instinctive response, opening up scent story conversations around the dinner table

More feminine in its’ scent style, the character of this collection is sensual, creative and edgy.  Containing the 5ml Eau de Parfum mini sprays of;

Fever 54, Amber Molecule, Twisted Iris, Sequoia Wood, C, After Hours

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