Bespoke Film Scent


Azzi’s creation of bespoke scents for actors and her innate ability to translate character into scent led to her working creatively in film scent.

Alice Through the Looking Glass, Enid Blyton, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Crown, The Young Pope, Kingsman, Gravity, The Lone Ranger, Great Expectations, 55 Steps, The Dirt, Mary Shelley, and Genius with Jude Law

“Putting together a character is all about layering up in one direction and stripping down in another. When I worked with Azzi and was able to create bespoke scents for the writer Thomas Wolfe it was a detail I never dreamed I could add. Ones smell says so much on so many deep levels. Being able to affect those around you when you’re playing another person has a profound influence on how far you can disappear into that person”.
Jude Law

Azzi collaborated with Director Matthew Vaughn to fully explore the character and lifestyle of the Kingsman.  The chosen crafted masterpiece is based on his virtual DNA print – elegant, provocative, and intellectual. The fragrance exhibits his heritage and combines hand-picked ingredients, capturing the Kingsmans’ mystical essence.”

“As Matthew had already breathed life into the character of the Kingsman, my mission was to embody his personality and unique style, lifting his character from fiction to life through my nose.”
Azzi Glasser

In the new movie, the Kingsman Eau de Parfum plays a unique role – which called for an extraordinary person to bring it into the real world. Smell is an impossible sense to convey on film and I knew that Azzi Glasser was the only person who could create a fragrance that could transport you directly into the world of being a Kingsman.”
Matthew Vaughn

In music she has created scents for rock bands and worked with singers, musicians and music producers to translate their musical notes into fragrance notes

“The Sequoia Wood fragrance is so unique. I get endless comments on it. To see folks’  puzzled enjoyment of its mystery is exactly how I want to be thought of.”
Adam Lambert

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