Azzi creating a scent for a hospitality venue


As Azzi conceptualised the idea of perfume architecture for the home, it seemed only natural to bring this concept into collaborations with her favourite luxury environments.

She has since worked with some of the world’s finest hotels, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and retail environments. Azzi’s understanding of the connection between scent and emotion, has helped her translate the character and ambiance of hotels and clubs into fragrance. She has created the signature scent for The Chiltern Firehouse, Annabels’, The Mandrake, Quo Vadis, Sketch, The Rosewood Bangkok, The Lydmar, The Kipton Fitzrovia and the new Louie to name a few. Azzis’ bespoke signature scents connect to give the venue their distinctive DNA identity and clients a lasting extra experience dimension which makes it truly memorable.

Products are developed in house and range from Candles, room sprays, sanitiser sprays and gels, soaps, and body lotions for public spaces, and mini amenities.  Azzi works closely with each client to translate their hospitality philosophy, character and brand story into each fragrance.

Each of the fragrances are designed to bring different character & style to the different brand experiences and bring them to life through smell.”
Azzi Glasser

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Bespoke Hotel Scents, we've worked with Chiltern firehouse, Mandrake, Annabel's, Louie, Lydmar Hotel, Sketch, Quo Vadis, Fitzroy and Rosewood