Fig Ambrette Candle


Bringing Perfume Architecture to Home Living.

Each of the fragrances are designed to bring different character & style to the different living experiences to your home.

Capturing the character of natural fig with its green leaves and the potency of amber resin.

“I love being able to create art through the sense of smell. One of my earliest memories is the scent of an electrifying tropical rain storm where warm rain splashed on hot steamy pavements. My fragrances are all based around ‘Character and Style’ each with its own artistic story and reference, so it was a natural progression to want to extend this to the home– after all, home is a reflection of your personality, style and is therefore intensely personal” – Azzi Glasser

100% natural wax blend candle containing soya, rapeseed oil and beeswax.

Volume: 180g e 6.3oz | Dimensions: candle Ø W: 7.5cm H: 8.8cm, | Burn Time: 40h

Character & Style: An enticing and appetising aroma to the dining experience.