After 20 years as a Creative Director creating scents for multiple brands and businesses, Azzi co founded Agent Provocateur fragrance and developed her bespoke business.

As a rebel in a traditional industry, her creativity, style and unique approach enabled her to build an enviable, iconic client portfolio like no other. This has included designing fragrances for Hollywood actors to help transport them into their roles,  musicians wanting to translate their music to perfume, artists wishing to create an additional scent dimension that encapsulates their work, top hotels, restaurants and  clubs desiring a signature mood fragrance, and designers wanting a scent  statement for their brands and shows.

She has now opened her secrets of scent creation and launched her
The Perfumer’s Story range, telling stories in scent.

Black Moss Candle


Azzi has collaborated with some of the world’s leading hotels, galleries and A listers and now developed a range of hand poured candles created with 100% natural soy wax. The scents are designed to bring unique character & style to the different interiors and living experiences around the home. Each candle emits specific moods of calm, relaxation, intimacy, and energy transforming each room with a fresh identity and ambiance.

Home Fragrances


This unique 2 in 1 hand sanitizer and room spray is a detox duo using natural essential oils to protect, heal and fight against virus and bacteria, 70% alcohol & 99.9% actives for extra anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti virus properties whilst leaving the hands soft and nourished.

The protector
The Protector Detox - Hand & Room Sanitiser Spray

Discover your fragrance DNA

Meet AI.ZZ, our Robotic Perfumer
who will help you style your fragrance character

“My fragrances are based on personas, characters and styles rather than fragrance families and ingredients …. its about scents you identify with“

Azzi Glasser


Best Sellers


Architecture: ENTRANCE & LIVING ROOM Character & Style – “The most welcome and memorable fragrance to the entrance of your home”


Character & Style: SENSUAL, CREATIVE, EDGY


Architecture: KITCHEN & DINING ROOM Character & Style – “An enticing and appetising aroma to the dining experience”


Architecture: BEDROOM Character & Style – “Sensual and calming for the bedroom”




Character & Style: Magnetic/Confident/Edgy


“Finding your fragrance DNA should be a magical journey of scent exploration – enjoyably guided, immersive, inspiring, and memorable. That is why I have created the first ever Perfume discovery set that is also a brilliant, scentsational, and fun game that everyone can play.” The Perfumer’s Library Vol 1& 2 are two fragrance collections from [...]



An exciting collaboration between iconic photographer Rankin and award winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser, S&X is a sensorial translation of the seduction that Rankin brings to his photography combined with Azzi’s approach celebration an individual’s character and style.

“Provocative, fearless and wild, S&X combines a hedonistic symphony of notes that tell the story of the touch of bodies, the beauty of skin on skin and above all lasting memories…” Azzi Glasser

S&X Rankin