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Say ‘I LOVE you’ in Scent
Save £9

I CARE. I THANK you. I LOVE you. I MISS you. You INSPIRE me.

Say it with Scent.

Customisable gifts send a powerful message. Tailor a personalised fragrance set by character and style – Send the Surprise box to your most loyal friend, your dedicated team at work, your selfless Mum. Tell them what they mean to you and offer the ultimate gift of self-care.

Choose your gift, create their scent character, personalise your message and send it with scent.  Each box offers exceptional value and includes an additional scented surprise.

WHO IS IT FOR? – Click the arrow to choose who your gift is for

SCENT PERSONA – Click the arrow on the second box to select your scent personality

PERSONAL MESSAGE – Choose the theme for your postcard and write your personal note

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